Your one-stop interaction platform for broadcasts at any scale.

Tally gives you everything you need to engage your audience, capture their views and make everyone feel connected. Turn your broadcast content into interactive experiences — no code required.

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Add interactivity in minutes, not weeks.

Tally provides an intuitive interface with pre-made templates that allow you to build the interaction that you have in mind.

Whether you want to kick-start a conversation with a live poll, check your viewers knowledge with a quiz or crown a winner in a voting contest.


A front-end system that works for you.

Tally automatically generates a front-end for your audience that is simple, configurable with your brand identity and that works across any device with an internet browser.

And don't worry, our integration possibilities are on-point. Standalone, embedded on existing sites or custom domains; we've got you covered.


Control and direct
in real-time.

Use our director mode to control what your audience sees, and when. This will allow you to be fully in charge of your interactive experience.

Need to set up a granular, high-paced quiz play-along? No problem!


Get to know your audience.

Use Tally to enhance your broadcasts with live results from your audience. Find out how many people are engaged, and what they say and think.

Need to go more in-depth? Export results easily into common file formats.

Let's get technical.

Tally is built for speed and scale.

Real-time infrastructure

Tally is built on proprietary real-time infrastructure, that transfers data within milliseconds latency to any connected client.

10+ million concurrent users

Tally has been stress-tested to handle up to tens of millions of concurrent users, with recovery systems that can restart the system in seconds.

Jobs and functions

Customise Tally to your needs, by using our built-in jobs and functions editor. New business logic or connections to external systems? No problem.

User management

Create your own user policies to give the right people access to content and features.

Easy API access

Our API allows you to connect external systems to our real-time infrastructure.

Built-in security

Tally protects user privacy, results integrity and provides security with high priority, using robust authentications and anti-fraud measures.

“ We started using Tally at WDR to enable a pilot for a big late night show. After the first episode we knew that Tally was a perfect fit. Nowadays we tend to use Tally make almost all formats more engaging. ”

David Foster, Product Manager at ARD

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